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Our History…This church is the creation of the merger of the former Lakeside Presbyterian Church, founded in 1955, with the former Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, founded in 1855.  These fine parents, from different Presbyteries and with differing traditions, joined forces about 40 years ago, building our fine sanctuary and main building in 1963.The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church celebrated its Centennial in the year that the former Lakeside Presbyterian Church was formed, 1955.  According to the history of the church recorded by Robert S. Tate, on February 8, 1855 the Second Presbyterian Church was organized by the Presbytery of Ebenezer.  The first meeting place of the new congregation was on the east side of Madison Avenue, just north of Ninth Street, in a building known by many as “The Pottery”.  A new building was built on Ninth Street and dedicated in February, 1861.  In March, 1881, the congregation began the move to the Madison Avenue location which the church occupied until 1963.  The move to Madison Avenue also brought the new name of the congregation:  The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church.   The original Ninth Street building is still in use by an African-American Baptist church.  Nineteen installed pastors served the church, the last being The Reverend John B. Astles, who was called in 1953.The previous Lakeside Presbyterian Church, according to a history compiled by their Clerk of Session, Alex H. Ross, actually got its start in Erlanger in 1935.  Finally in 1955, with the blessing of the Transylvania Presbytery (Lexington), the congregation was formed and it purchased the former Hill family home on the site of the present church.    The first service was held September 2, 1955, even before the home was purchased from the family living in the home at the time!  Sixty-five charter members we recognized by Presbytery on December 1, 1955. The large home allowed seating capacity for over 200, and an apartment upstairs for the pastor and his family.  The Rev. Leon Drake Sanborne began his pastorate on May 1, 1956 and was the only installed pastor of that congregation.

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Beginning in 1963 Lakeside Presbyterian Church enjoyed pastoral leadership from John Astles,  J.V.C.  “Bing” Summerell,  Steven Riser, and J. Christopher Torrey.  In early 1992 the Presbytery of Cincinnati helped the church resolve a period of conflict and Richard Fouse did an excellent and extended job of ministry as Interim Pastor.

Since 1995 we experienced renewal and rebuilding of the congregation, our facilities, and our mission purpose.  Long-stated goals of a “new boiler” and “new organ” became impetus for the Renovation Project of 2002.  A new Mission Statement describing our Ministry in terms of “Worship, Learning, and Service” led to a growth in membership, energy, and enthusiasm.  The current pastoral staff includes Louisa W. Umphres, Associate Pastor and Chris Torrey, Pastor and Head of Staff, completing thirteen years as head of staff.

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