The Session (Our Governing Body)

Rev. Chris Torrey
Moderator & Pastor
Rev. Louisa W. Umphres
Associate Pastor
Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015
MJ Hayman Tracy Clark Susan Foote
Ian Koffler Beth Dieter Angela Kidd
Joe McGee Chas Hungler Melissa Rice
David Stuenkel Ed Letsinger Brian Smith
Keli West Rick Marquardt Glenn Willman
Mark Woodrum Chris Miller Sandra Winkle

The Deacons (Our Pastoral Care Team)

Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015
Lora Davis Rob Bruce Dottie Caster
Denise Meyer Carolyn Garriott Darlene Guenther
Becky Scheitz Bruce Rome Pam Houseman
Vivian Schenck Robin Woodrum Tiffany Wolff
Taylor Sprague – Youth Deacon
Rev. Chris Torrey, Staff

Our Staff

Rev. Chris Torrey, Head of Staff Stephanie Nash, Music Director
Rev. Louisa W. Umphres Thom Miles, Organist
Melissa Stephens, Secretary Marty Boots, Financial Secretary
Cindy Sheehan, Preschool Director Desma Borland, Treasurer
Dave Schell, Custodian Beth Koch, Nursery Supervisor
Raymond Ochar, Night Custodian

Being Mortal

Being Mortal Banner

Join our new adult ed series led by Chris Torrey and guests. Based on the Frontline piece and book by Atul Gawande, the class will explore end of life issues and what matters most.

Sundays April 12 - May 17

9:45am in the Chapel