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Day 1 is just about history.  The day dawned sunny and cool and reached a high in the low 80’s during the afternoon.  This morning we all went to a house about 10 miles from Johnson City.  The house had experienced about 3 feet of water on the first floor during the flood of the Susquehanna.  We set to work on a variety of tasks.  Several folks began to install underlayment (luann) on the entire first floor (living room, entry hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom) while another group of folks began installing drywall in the bathroom.  A third group was putting an additional coat of drywall compound on various areas of the first floor while still another two men were pressure washing the outside of the house.  About midafternoon, five of us went to another house–back in Johnson City–and started to insulate and drywall a kitchen at that location.  While working there we met one of  the homeowners and he repeatedly expressed his gratitude for our help.


We made good progress at both locations and returned to “camp” at The First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City (FPCJC) to clean up, eat, worship, and rest up for tomorrow when we will return to both houses for a continuation of today’s activities.  During dinner, the homeowner of the other house stopped by and introduced herself.  It turns out that she is a lay minister in the community and a member of the FPCJC.  she told us her story and repeatedly expressed her gratitude for our assistance.

FPCJC was built in 1916.  It is a fairly large building with a membership of about 120.  Normal  Sunday attendance is about 70.  One member of the choir is 96 and still drives to church (as well as other places).


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Grace and Peace,

The Lakeside tribe