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Day 2 is drawing to a close.  The weather has been beautiful today–sunny and warm.  One team went to each house and made significant progress.  Kevin, Kay, Neva, and Georgia finished insulating the kitchen in their project and got most of the drywall cut and hung.  

The other ten of us were engaged in installing subfloor (All of it is now in place), finishing the installation of the drywall, sanding earlier coats of drywall compound, reinforcing a set of steps,hanging a bedroom door, and cleaning up the basement and yard from flood debris.  Each team got to spend some additional time with the owners of the two homes and share some more of their stories.  

After returning to FPCJC, we cleaned up and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Gay.  Worship was led by Kay.  There are two Kays, one Gay, one Ray, and two Johns on the trip.