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Weather was clear and cold this morning but  warmed up nicely during the afternoon.  This part of New York is several weeks behind Northern Kentucky in terms of the leafing out of trees and other vegetation. 

Work continued at the two houses today with the main activities being application of drywall compound and sanding of previous coats.  The teams were further split to begin work on House #3 and House #4.  Our part of the work on House #3 involves placing underlayment on the first floor and installing new  basement windows.  The work on House #4 includes removal of the flood damaged portions of the house, basement , and garage.  Larry and Phil went there today and were joined by four people from Rochester Presbyterian (Also in town on a mission trip this week. 

We have made excellent progress this week with the tasks assigned to us.  The drywall work at houses #1 and #2 should be finished tomorrow.  The underlayment should be done at house #3 tomorrow as well.  We are to help move some materials into house #4.  Various team members will be leaving tomorrow in assorted directions.  The Lakeside van will probably be home about 6:00 PM on Saturday.