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All of us went to our respective assignments to wrap up the week’s efforts.  None of the homeowners will be able to return to “normal” after this week but all of them will be one step closer than they were at the beginning of the week.  All of the teams had wrapped up and returned to FPCJC around noon on Friday.  The group decision was to head home then rather than wait until Saturday.  We left Johnson City about 1:45 PM and arrived in Cincinnati about 1:30 AM (At least the Lakeside van did) on Saturday morning in a steady rain.  Some of our number had another 45 minute drive to get  home to their Batavia area abodes.


It was a good week–filled with meeting and working with new people and with the warm feelings generated by helping someone who needs it.  One of the frustrations of trips such as this is that one hardly ever has the opportunity to see a finished product.  However, one learns to play the hand you are dealt and trust that someone down the line will have the opportunity to say “Done!”