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We left Lakeside at 7:15 AM on Wednesday and arrived safely in very hot Clinton, SC, about 2:45 PM.  We registered, unloaded the cars, established our residence in Lauren Hall (We have the whole 2nd floor of the dorm) and relaxed for a time before dinner.  Fortunately, it rained while we were in the dining hall and cooled things off considerably.  The opening exercise was held in Belk Auditorium and included an energizer, much singing and some general conference information.  That was followed by a welcoming, get acquainted type mixer.  After that came a dorm meeting to reiterate conference rules and then our own back home group meeting to wrap up the day.  Lights out was at 11:30 PM.

Thursday morning started out with breakfast at 7:30 followed by the morning convocation.  It included an energizer, much singing and a presentation by the keynote speaker, Landon Whitsitt.   He spoke on the meaning of love consistent with the conference theme “Rooted in Love”.  The conference was then split up into small groups that met at various locations around the campus.  The campus is full this week with several groups outside the middle school camp here for the week.  (There are about 650 kids here from 62 churches in 13 states).  After lunch the various small groups met again and that was followed by the Montreat Olympics–a perod of games and recreation.

More later