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Kitchen Renovation

Progress on the Kitchen Renovation is amazing! We can begin not only to imagine what the new kitchen will look like, but how it will help us expand the mission outreach of our congregation. We began the Kitchen with gifts from the Jubilation Project, and because of the Jordan bequest, we’re able to even consider doing this project now.  We invite you to help us FINISH STRONG paying for the kitchen progress as the bills come due! Make your gift count toward the $70,000 we need to completely cover the cost of the kitchen in the months ahead.

How to give:

  • Send a check to Lakeside with “Kitchen Fund” in the memo line
  • Use one of the envelopes you received in the mail or find in the pews
  • Give online through Easytithe and designate your gift to the “Kitchen Fund”

Or you could let us know that you will be making a gift, either before this year ends or in the first quarter of 2017. We anticipate completely paying for the kitchen and moving ahead in the coming year to discover together the ministry and mission our extraordinary facility makes possible. Thank you for your Generous Support!

General Fund

The General Fund reflects our highest priorities as a church. The programs we enjoy, the mission reaching out as far as we can, and maintaining this incredible facility:  all of that is the best expression of our shared faith in Jesus Christ. We’re changing our conversation about commitment. You’ve not yet been asked to consider your gift for next year. We need, instead, to consider how to FINISH STRONG in 2016! In the days ahead we’ll send a reminder of your giving so far this year. The vitality of our shared ministry only survives with vital support from the whole congregation. Please give generously to the ministry and mission of the church as this year comes to a close!

Thank you for your support as we finish our kitchen and finish 2016 strong!