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The Lakeside Endowment Fund


An Endowment is a gift of a portion of a person’s life that will eternally keep the light of God alive in the world. It is an asset that has been given in trust to your church for permanent management and from which only the income can be used for the mission and ministry of the church.

The Presbyterian Foundation

The Lakeside Endowment Fund provides an opportunity to give or bequeath resources to the church for long-term use, separate from our operating budgets. Earnings from the Endowment support the mission and ministry of Lakeside.

Endowment Fund Resolution

Endowment Frequently Asked Questions


How are funds used?

Unrestricted gifts will be administered according to our approved guidelines.

If you plan to give a designated gift, please discuss this with the Endowment Committee before preparing a legal document.


How does endowment giving relate to annual stewardship?

It is entirely separate. Experience from other churches was captured in the resolution which established the Fund. The concept and intention is that annual stewardship is our first responsibility. Endowment giving is second.

How are gifts invested?

Gifts to the Fund are invested perpetually in income producing assets. The income from the investments is used in accordance with the guidelines established by the Endowment Committee and approved by the Session.

Why consider an endowment gift?

Endowment giving in a sense fulfills an obligation to the generations to come. Most of us benefited from our predecessor’s giving for our benefit. As we have provided for the well being of our families and for Lakeside during our lifetime, we may continue to do so after our life.

Is there a cost to giving?

If planned properly, an endowment gift can be made at modest cost. Our tax laws encourage gifts which are generally tax deductible.