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The General Fund

Stewardship at Lakeside encompasses all kinds of giving, but our main focus is on our General Fund:

  • The General Fund of Lakeside Presbyterian Church is our budget, managed by Session. The ministry and mission goals we share as a church are accomplished as our gifts work together throughout the year. Copies of the current budget are readily available from the church office. Members of the Finance and Stewardship Committees would be glad to answer your questions at any time!

Traditionally, in the fall we have asked members to “pledge” or estimate what their giving in the upcoming year will be. That allows us to pray, plan and dream for the upcoming budget year.┬áStarting in 2017 we’ll begin a different approach to Stewardship. We hope you will tune in and get involved as we explore new ways to fund our church together!

However we give or receive funds, we hope to do so faithfully and with transparency and integrity. Monthly budget updates are available as part of our session minutes and we are happy to answer financial questions as they arise.