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Adult Education

Introducing ENGAGE

Throughout the 2018-2019 season, our Adult Education offerings will share a common theme: engage. Each class, series, or event will strive to reach beyond that meeting time or the specific people in the classroom. For each ‘engage’ program, we will build in time to ask: How do we engage this further? Can I incorporate this into my life of faith? How do we bring what we are learning to the rest of Lakeside? And, are we called to bring a part of this to our larger neighborhood or world?


Sunday Morning Offerings

9:45-10:45a.m. Weekly

Engage: Spirituality

Learn how your personality matches with various spiritual disciplines. Working with the Myers-Briggs models, Rev. Bill Love will talk about how particular approaches to prayer and practice work better for different people and personalities.

Engage: Faith

Get honest about faith and doubt. Beginning with an honest engagement of where we face doubts in our faith and life, Rev. Louisa Umphres will approach the Christian understanding of ‘doubt’ from a variety of angles.

Engage: Advent

Explore the season of waiting and wanting with us.

Engage: Mission

As we approach a new partnership with churches in Puerto Rico, this class will study the island together in conjunction with appropriate scripture and based on materials recommended by PC(USA) churches on the ground there.

Engage: Scripture

Rev. Marc Zumhagen guides as we take a look at the Bible with fresh eyes. Following the “Strange Book of Books” series, each week will delve into scripture looking through lenses like ‘Myths,’ ‘Propaganda,’ and ‘Exile.’

Engage: Gospel

This series begins with reclaiming and sharing your own story of transformation and the story of God’s redemptive mission found in Scripture. We are often afraid of telling our faith stories. Join this class as we explore ways of beginning to tap into our own biographies and journeys. No need to be a writer or consider yourself a great story-teller… show up and let’s see how the Spirit is moving in our individual and communal lives. Led by Louisa.


Weekday Offerings

Engage: Lectionary

Every Tuesday, 12p.m.

This Bible Study will meet weekly with Louisa to pray, read, and discuss the scriptures for the upcoming Sunday worship. Bring a sack lunch or just show up at noon!

Engage: Community

First Wednesdays, 6:30p.m.

Join for monthly adult education evenings. We will have speakers, guests, or programs that can help us engage with issues relevant to our neighborhoods and communities. Sometimes we’ll also eat together!

Planning Committee – The Adult Education Committee seeks to encourage innovation and empower the leadership of the adults in our congregation. To join this team or to explore your own call to ministry contact us at (859) 341-1963 or email Louisa, our Associate Pastor.

Engage: Community

Our new Wednesday night program! Our first event: Lakeside Movie Night with critically acclaimed Won’t You Be My Neighbor.