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Sunday Morning Church School

This year, Sunday mornings offer a few options for our younger members. These classes are designed more with different learning styles and interests in mind than with age groups in mind. Register according to your child’s interests and abilities for the fall, then know that you can switch to the alternative approach in the spring.


Come learn and play! Expert preschool teachers Denise Hanser and Tracy Clark will lead our youngest using the Spark Rotation Curriculum, occasionally dovetailing with our older Rotation programming.

Who is a good fit? This class is great for children who can sit in a circle and engage with stories but who might not be ready to work independently. (Think: 3-5 years old)

Spark Rotation

In this model, we learn Bible stories in multi-week units. Each week we visit a different ‘workshop’ and engage the theme with fun activities like art, science, videos, games, and worship integration.

Who is a good fit? Children who are not proficient readers will feel welcome in this group, though the changing workshops mean that older ages may also engage well. (Think: ‘Lower/Mid Elementary’)


Our Connect group meets weekly to engage with God’s big story through videos, Bible exploration, and hands-on projects. Each week, kids watch the witty and quirky Connect videos, open up their Bibles, and get creative.

Who is a good fit? This group will open up NRSV Bibles and wield scissors. Can your young person be trusted with such powerful tools?  (Think: ‘Upper Elementary/Early Middle’)