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Youth Leadership

Youth Council

Our Youth Council is made up of youth (both Middle School and Senior High) and adults who work together to set the direction for our programming, policies, and otherwise act on behalf of Lakeside’s Session (our governing body). Our council works together to recruit youth advisers and think through our program year, then splits into three sub-groups: Mission, Fellowship, and Finance. Have a question, a thought to share, a fantastic chain email full of high-resolution GIFs? Contact our current Moderator, Brian Smith.

Youth Deacons

Each year, a youth is elected to serve on our board of deacons. The fall of 2015, Hailey Williams will serve as our youth deacon.

Youth Sunday

Youth lead our 8:30 and 11:00am service annually. Youth – Jr.-Sr. High – take on all components of the worship service.

Are you a youth interested in another form of leadership? Let us know! We would love to incorporate you into our committees, missions, or wherever.