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Youth with us!

Our primary time together is: Sunday Night, 6-8pm.

Sunday nights begin with prayer and a meal. After eating we take on our activity for the evening. Youth group activities range from spending time at prayer stations to making casseroles for a food shelter; from watching a movie and playing volleyball to learning about our faith and about each other.

We follow Christ through worshiping, learning and serving. We prioritize relationships and quality over quantity. We are unafraid to ask questions or verb nouns. We prefer LaRosa’s pizza but appreciate a wide range of meals. Our time together is enhanced by a committed group of twelve adult advisers and Louisa’s incomparable taste in 1970’s musicals.

We also gather at other times, including:

  • Bullet Point Working monthly at Open Door Ministries (last Saturdays)
  • Bullet Point Lock-Ins
  • Bullet Point A Spring weekend Mission Trip

Check out last year’s events: Youth Group 2014-2015 Schedule