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What is the Lakeside One Fund?

In response to the needs of today’s church, One Fund was developed as a new way of thinking about resourcing church ministry needs. The One Fund approach is an accelerated giving opportunity designed to fund operating (budget) and new vision ministry spending needs in one “ask.” The operating and vision needs are aggregated into one number, which is presented to the congregation as the funding goal over a two-year period.  One Fund is an all-in vision resourcing strategy. Think about it this way:  our church is one church, with one vision, funded by One Fund!  (And you only have to write one check).

For 2017 and 2018, in order to more effectively accomplish our goals, we will be focusing all of our generosity into the Lakeside One Fund. Having completely paid for Jubilation and Kitchen projects, we enter a new period which will include all giving in a single fund that will resource all of our ministries and expand our mission efforts.

The One Fund approach is more than just a consolidation of operating and vision ministry needs into one big “ask.” It is a means of presenting all the funding needs of a church into one giving opportunity centered on the ministry vision of that church.

There are several major benefits of this approach:

  • It simplifies the presentation.  We will not need to present operating needs as in any way separate from the larger vision or additional opportunities that arise. While our session and finance committee still have to decide how to allocate funds as they come in, the congregation only has to focus on one number – the consolidated funding goal.
  • It unifies the church body around one vision and one number.  For some church people, giving to capital needs is not appealing. To others, giving to operating needs is not appealing. One Fund is vision driven, not project driven. It unifies the entire church body around the vision of providing all the funding the ministry will need over a two-year period.
  • Perhaps the most important advantage of the One Fund, it allows us to onboard new givers who might not understand the concept of giving an “over and above” gift. Now we encourage all to participate in the One Fund resourcing vehicle for your vision.

The Lakeside One Fund is a strategy designed to involve more of our church and, in addition to raising project dollars, increase our long-term sustained giving. It begins today with a season of celebrating our wins:  acknowledging in worship the ministry and mission supported already by our church’s generosity.

One Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

How is One Fund different from capital campaigns or the one-year pledges we’ve done in the past?  The One Fund is a holistic funding approach which makes one ask for the multiple ministry areas being funded. It all begins with our church’s vision. Affinity groups for Worship, Learn, Serve, and Leadership met in recent weeks to get the conversation started.

Think about it this way:  One Congregation; One Vision; One Fund.

Will I be able to designate my generosity toward specific projects that really excite me?  Though One Fund is holistic, early in the process many churches still collect special offerings which are outside of One Fund resourcing. Often, in the second season of the One Fund, even these become included in the One Fund approach.

What will happen if we miss our target over the next two years? Is there a chance the project I’m most excited about won’t be completed?  Obviously, we can only fund what we have resources for. We have made estimates based on what we believe our church is capable of funding. Our prayer is that all areas will be funded.

How will One Fund be effected by Chris’s retirement?  We stepped into One Fund aware that Chris would soon complete his ministry here and eager to begin the conversation about where God is calling us going forward!

What specifically are you asking me to do?  Consider what you normally give to the church in a single year. Double that, because it’s a two-year effort, and add to that number dollars to make special vision ministries possible.

Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give toward One Fund?  Accumulated assets are a great way to give to the One Fund. Stocks can be directed donated to the church. You receive the contribution credit and the added benefit of not have to pay capital gains tax on the gains.

What Are Our Goals?

With One Fund we hope to build on the generosity of past years, increasing our sustained giving while backing away from specific campaign asks: