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Here’s a quick list of easy ways to get involved with mission at Lakeside:

  • Open Door is a food pantry in Walnut Hills. When we go, we need help handing out food, organizing the give-away, and greeting our brothers and sisters in Walnut Hills. Monthly, 3rd Saturdays @ 8:30-10:30a.m. All ages welcome!
  • CLASP is short for the “Children of Ludlow After School Program.” At CLASP we sing and play and need help with food, tutoring, and making friends in Ludlow. Weekly, Thursdays @ 3-5:30p.m. Teens and adults.
  • Matthew 25 Ministries is a global outreach in Blue Ash that shares resources. We help with sorting and organizing. Quarterly, 2nd Saturdays @ 9-11a.m. All ages welcome!
  • Birthday Cakes for Foster Kids: Click Here to read more about this mission project started in July 2020!

 Here’s a more thorough list of all of our partners:

Local Ministries We Support

  • Northern Kentucky Community Action Commision: Click Here to learn about our partnership.
  • Open Door – food distribution in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati
  • CLASP – After School ministry in Ludlow, Kentucky
  • Local Agencies such as Welcome House, Brighton Center and United Ministries
  • Matthew 25 Ministries – a Global outreach sharing our resources with the world in need, in Blue Ash, Ohio
  • Emergency Shelter – provides shelter which is life-saving in the winter and life-changing in the summer, in Covington, Kentucky

 Mission Work through the PC(USA) That We Support:

  • PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) work trips and disaster relief programs such as rebuilding after Hurricanes and Floods
  • One Great Hour of Sharing – Hunger Relief, Disaster Relief, and Self Development of People
  • Pentecost Offering – Caring for Children in need
  • Peacemaking Offering – Furthering the Peace of Christ in our Mission Work
  • Christmas Joy Offering – Supporting older church workers and institutions of learning begun by the Presbyterian Church for particular ethnic and racial populations.
  • Direct Missions Support and TEF (Theological Education Fund)
  • Jan Heckler – Mission Co-worker, Madagascar
  • Dustin and Sherri Ellington – Mission Co-workers, Zambia



Strategy and Vision

Our Mission Committee Strategy:

  • To create a culture of service encouraging the church membership to participate in service projects and activities in both the church’s local and extended presence in the community at large. 
  • To utilize the physical facilities of Lakeside Presbyterian Church to support activities beneficial to the local community.
  • To participate and support activities of the connectional church and the ecumenical church.
  • To work with the educational leadership of the church to advocate for social righteousness.

Our mission work seeks to accomplish three changes in the world around:

  • We proclaim the Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
  • We help those in need, as the Bible admonishes us to do.
  • We are changed in the mission work we do:  the giver is transformed sometimes more than those who receive!

For more information contact our church office!