Bible Dive Small


This 2016-2017 season, Lakeside invites you to join in reading your entire Bible – from Genesis through Revelation…

Ways to Read:

Deep Dive

For this reading schedule you will take on every word of scripture. Each day includes a reading from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, and all or part of a Psalm. Sundays are off or for catching up.

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This reading schedule includes every scripture found in our three-year lectionary cycle, reorganized into the order of the Bible so that the ‘snorkeling’ reading parallels the ‘deep dive’ approach. For this schedule, readings are divided by weeks instead of individual days. Because of the nature of lectionary (there are more Genesis passages than Leviticus, for instance), some weeks include more readings than others. Sundays are off for taking a breath or catching up.

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Wading Pool

This is a fully pared down approach to the Bible. Skim the surface of each book based on recommendations from Chris Torrey.

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Diving Buddies

Let us know if you are interested in an accountability partner or group that you can be in touch with through this read – asking questions, praying for one another, or simply nagging each other to keep up with the swim.

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Sunday Morning Offerings

The Bible with Dive-Master Chris

Rev. Chris Torrey will guide your reading as you go. Sunday mornings, 9:45 in the Carriage House.

The Bible as Spiritual Waters

This self-led group will take on each week’s readings with spiritual practices like Lectio Divina and shared prayer. Sunday mornings, 9:45 in the Library.