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In June 2017 we will begin our sojourn into a time of ‘transition.’ We’ll all find ourselves using that word often, referring to the ways things feel strange or unknown, referring to the flexibility and patience we will all need, or referring to new logistics of unfamiliar voices. We’ll be taking things a week at a time as we function in new and often temporary ways.

The Rev. Louisa Umphres

Associate Pastor

This is a time to slow down and follow an intentional, deliberate process that is not to be rushed. We want to ensure that we select the right person as Senior Pastor, one who will lead us on the next leg of our journey as a church.

Tom Hanser

Clerk of Session

Lakeside in a time of transition….

Lakeside Presbyterian is currently looking for an Interim Pastor. The Session has already selected a committee of four (see below) who will begin the search for our Interim Pastor. We have the helpful support of our Presbytery: We have begun meeting with Nancy Kahaian, our General Presbyter, and Terry Webster, our contact with the Committee on Ministry, who will help guide us through the transition process. Our new trained Interim Pastor will know how to lead the congregation in successfully completing a Mission Vision Study. This pastor will help us to identify where God is calling us in order that we will know how best to search for the next installed Pastor.


Summer 2017 Updates

From The Interim Pastor Search Committee 6/8/17: We have been engaged in the process of finding an interim pastor since late April.  We have prepared two documents for approval by both Session and by the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry.  Both were approved by the respective bodies and we have subsequently received Personal Information Forms from several candidates.  The next step will be telephone (Hopefully Skype) interviews with these candidates.  This is scheduled to happen during the week of June 12.

Members of the Interim Pastor Search Committee:

John Deye

Nancy Faulconer

Sally Harvey

Cliff Peale

Interested in contacting the IPNC?

Please e-mail john.deye@gmail.com

What can a Congregation Expect from an Interim Pastor? (from the PCUSA website)

Like all pastors, Interim Pastors offer to the congregations they serve:

* Worship leadership and preaching;
* Pastoral care;
* Work with the session to provide for the life and ministry of the congregation;
* Administrative work including supervision of staff
*Staff support for programs and committees of the congregation

In addition, an Interim Pastor leads a congregation during the transition time after an installed pastor has departed, helping the congregation prepare to welcome the leadership of a new installed pastor. Interim Pastors understand the dynamics of a congregation in transition, including feelings of grief, loss, and, sometimes, relief or anger. Interim pastors will help the session provide for continuity of essential programs, and may assist the session in assessing needs for changes in programs and ministries of the congregation. Some interim pastors have special skills and experience that can help a congregation recover from a time of conflict or after the disclosure of clergy sexual misconduct or other trauma.

Ordinarily, an interim pastor is not eligible to serve as the next installed pastor, or co-pastor, or associate pastor of the congregation (G-2.0504c). The interim pastor may, if the session and the Committee on Ministry approve, work with the session in a mission study or assist the Pastor Nominating Committee in gathering data for the writing of the Church Information Form. With those possible exceptions, the interim pastor may not be involved in the work and discernment of the PNC. A good interim pastor will “hit the ground running,” beginning his/her time with the congregation with intensity and energy, and will leave with intentionality, engaging in a “good goodbye” with the congregation and its staff.

A good interim pastor is fully present with the congregation from the beginning, and really leaves when she/he leaves.