Sunday Morning Classes

Being Mortal
Led by the Rev. Chris Torrey, Dr. Terry Pence and Guests
We’ll explore the faith context of living fully and making good choices about God’s gift of life, especially at life’s end.  Starting April 12, Chris will begin by using the PBS Frontline video developed from the book Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.   You can watch that before you come.  Reading the book is not required!


Tuning Faith
Led by Stephanie Nash
Tuning Faith is a class designed around the music used in worship; get the story, learn the theology, and deepen your worship experience.


 Who’s She?
 Rotating Leadership
 This class will dive into texts about obscure Biblical characters like Shiphrah and Puah, Bilhah, Hagar, Phoebe, and more. Using the approach of Lectio Divina and informal discussion, this is the perfect class for getting to know fellow learners, taking the opportunity to lead, and exploring untapped Biblical treasures.


  Other Adult Ed Opportunities
Along with Sunday morning classes, adults can experience educational and fellowship opportunities through the year.

  • Our Faith Mob flash mobs pop up throughout the community, wherever adults want to meet to engage in an activity. Interested in getting spur-of-the-moment emails for Faith Mob events? Contact Beth Dieter.
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  • Older adults join the Elderberries monthly to lunch and hear speakers and presentations. Contact the office for more information.
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  • A Women’s Bible study gathers weekly with the Rev. Louisa W. Umphres who would be glad to answer your questions about that through her email.
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  • A Men’s Bible Study gathers weekly with the Rev. J. Christopher Torrey, who would be glad to answer your questions about that through his email.

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Summer Choir

Join us at 10:15 on

July 19 & 26!

Vacation Bible School


WOW! Thank you to all volunteers and participants for making Nazareth such a special place to learn about Jesus!