On occasion our Pastor, Chris Torrey, convenes a “Pastor’s Forum” on challenging faith questions.  Designed to include anyone interested, these forums have considered such topics as:

  • Creationism and Christian Faith
  • Homosexuality and the Bible
  • Abortion
  • A faithful reading of the Harry Potter books

Chris is always open to suggestions for topics which might be of interest to the church family.  If you have an idea, please get in touch with Chris.  The rules are simple:  we love one another in Jesus Christ and can share differing views on hot topics with a special emphasis on Scripture as the final authority in our lives. 

Typically the Pastor’s Forums meet on Sunday evenings.  When a Pastor’s Forum is announced, we also schedule child care for those who need it and who register in advance.  Typically the discussions have been held at times convenient to parents of young people in our Youth Programs or Celebration Choir.