Liturgists provide a meaningful contribution to worship at Lakeside Presbyterian Church.  Members of the congregation read the scriptures, offer prayers and lead worship in specific ways according to each week’s needs.

In Jesus Christ, the Church is a royal priesthood in which worship is the work of everyone.  The people of God are called to participate in the common ministry of worship…It is appropriate to encourage members and those in ordered ministry with such abilities to assist in leading worship.
Book of Order, W-1.4003

If a member of the congregation of Lakeside Presbyterian would like to serve as Liturgist, please contact the church office – 859-341-1963 or



7- Session leads worship

14- Stephen Kidd

21- OPEN

28- Corrie Danieley



12- John Deye

19- Amy Williams

26- Jeremy Marquardt



9- Danita Osborne

16- Sondra Jankowski

23- Madeline Deye

30- Lily Deye

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