We pass the offering plate at each worship service to remember that we share in supporting the Lord’s work through our congregation.  You can always make a contribution and special offering envelopes are provided in the pews to make sure your contribution gets where you want it to go!

Members of Lakeside Presbyterian Church are encouraged to pledge.  (Click here for a pledge card.) Your commitment to give a certain amount in the coming year helps church leaders to budget and plan ahead.  Members are encouraged to tithe.  A tithe is literally 10% — those who tithe tell us that it’s amazing how much the blessing of giving is returned in their personal lives!  Moving toward a tithe is the situation of most:  strive to tithe but give as you are able, becoming a stronger Steward from year to year!

We receive donations by Electronic Funds Transfer, through automatic payment plans set up with local banks, as donations of stocks or other equities, and in many various formats.  Download, complete and return this form, click here, to the church office.  Hard copies of the form can be picked up at the office.  If you have questions, please contact the Accounting Assistant in the church office.

We have an Endowment Fund and encourage giving through Memorial Gifts and through planned estate giving.  The church office will gladly refer you to members of our Endowment Committee who can guide you through the specifics of making a special gift.  Memorial Gifts can be made in memory of anyone – we will let the family of the deceased know that you made a donation, and acknowledge your gift for tax purposes.

Donations to Lakeside Presbyterian Church are tax deductible.  Please contact the church office if you would like additional information about ways you can make a donation to the Ministry and Mission of Lakeside Presbyterian Church!

Electronic Fund Transfer Form (pdf)

Joy Pledge Card (pdf)

Joy Pledge Card (docx)

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