Every month the Mission Committee coordinates the collection of food, clothing, or school supplies to be distributed to local charities.

For the month of August: the Mission Committee is asking for school supplies to be used by the CLASP after school program, one of Lakeside’s Mission Programs.

The items needed are:
Wire-bound single subject notebooks
Student scissors
24-count crayons
Glue sticks
Boxes of pencils (24 count, #2 pencils)
Packs of filler paper (wide ruled)
Boxes of markers (8 pack)
Pencil top erasers
Back Packs

Please place all new items in the Giving Barrel during the month of August.

For a list of anything else the Mission Committee may be collecting, please read the church information section of each Sunday’s bulletin. These items should be placed in the Giving Barrel in Fellowship Hall.

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