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Baptism is the sign and seal through which we are joined to Christ.  The first of the two sacraments celebrated by Presbyterians, baptism is celebrated in the lives of adults, and of infants and children, on Sunday mornings in the midst of worship.  The congregation’s role in the Sacrament is a significant part of our celebration together.  We proclaim our faith by saying together the Apostles’ Creed. Our congregation truly enjoys the service of baptism whenever it takes place!

We baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  My baptism means that I am joined to Jesus Christ forever. I am baptized into his death and resurrection, along with all who have received him by faith. As I am baptized with water, he baptizes me with his Spirit, washing away all my sins and freeing me from their control. My baptism is a sign that one day I will rise with him in glory, and may walk with him even now in newness of life.

Along with their believing parents, infants and children whose families are part of the church,  are included in the great hope of the gospel and belong to the people of God. Forgiveness and faith are both promised to them as gifts through Christ’s covenant with his people. These children are therefore to be received into the community by baptism, nurtured in the Word of God, and confirmed at an appropriate time by their own profession of faith.

Please contact the Pastor if you would like to schedule a baptism at Lakeside Presbyterian Church.

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