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This Lent, we remember that we are are made in the image of the Great Creator. As we journey to the cross, join us as we embrace creativity as a means of tapping into the sacred. Visual art, music, and poetry will lead the way through these forty days.

Lent through Visual Art

  • Adult Education Sunday mornings will be joined by the Rev. Margaret Watkins, an expert in the St. John’s Bible.
  • Each Sunday night we will gather on Zoom with artists from our own congregation and community to learn about their work and engage in conversation.
  • Our Devotional website links to daily works of art alongside the daily lectionary.
  • Each Sunday, we will invite into worship with carefully curated works of art.

Lent through Music

  • Join Stephanie Nash and Thom Miles on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM for “Tuning Faith”, where they will guide you through the Lenten music.
  • Each Sunday, we will set aside time after the sermon to reflect with music.
  • Our Devotional website includes musical offerings curated by Stephanie to accompany the weekly scripture readings.
  • Our Youtube channel features weekly Lenten music videos created by Stephanie.

Lent through Poetry

  • We are incredibly excited to welcome Malcolm Guite for a special Good Friday poetry reading. Learn more soon!
  • Join Pastor Nancy each Tuesday night for her prayer circle, including time with the poems and scriptures for the week.
  • Our Devotional website includes poems to accompany the weekly scripture readings.