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We have many ways for you to be engaged in serving our community!

The best way for you to be informed, is to sign up to receive our “Lakeside Serves” e-mail, a monthly update that highlights the most current opportunities!

Engage in some of our ongoing mission partners and causes:

Each month, we encourage you to engage with our selected mission partner by donating online to their cause. When we are together, we often collect items in a large barrel throughout the month— while we are apart, we have moved to a ‘virtual’ version of that barrel!


Click Here to read more about this mission project started in July 2020!

Strategy and Vision

Our Mission Committee Strategy:

  • To create a culture of service encouraging the church membership to participate in service projects and activities in both the church’s local and extended presence in the community at large. 
  • To utilize the physical facilities of Lakeside Presbyterian Church to support activities beneficial to the local community.
  • To participate and support activities of the connectional church and the ecumenical church.
  • To work with the educational leadership of the church to advocate for social righteousness.


Our mission work seeks to accomplish three changes in the world around:

  • We proclaim the Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
  • We help those in need, as the Bible admonishes us to do.
  • We are changed in the mission work we do:  the giver is transformed sometimes more than those who receive!

For more information contact our church office!