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ndividual calls to mission come in a   didn’t  even  know,  I was  given bags and   use. If you have a friend or relative you’d
               variety of forms and we don’t always   tubs of wonderful items, things people had   like quilts for let me know. I’d be happy
               know where one will occur in our   cluttering up their junk drawers, sewing   to make them a little more personalized.
          life. I decided recently that I could put my   rooms, etc. These were very useful. I have   Any help with this project would always be
          sewing skills to work in a creative way that   made over 350 fidget quilts and they are all   much appreciated. Thank you.
          I had never thought of.             over Kenton and Boone counties now.

          “Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia
          may show anxiety or agitation through
          fidgety hands. Signs include pulling or
          rubbing  at  clothes  or  bedding,  rubbing
          hands together, twisting fingers, wringing
          hands, and generally keeping hands in
          motion. Sensory therapy or fidget toys are
          an effective way to reduce anxiety, calm
          nerves,  and  provide  comfort.  These  are
          simple touch-based activities that help
          someone with Alzheimer’s keep hands busy
          in safe, soothing ways.” (

          Three years ago I saw a post on Facebook
          requesting “fidget quilts” for a memory
          care unit in North Carolina. That piqued
          my interest. I Googled what they were and
          decided that I could make them and that I
          had lots of things in my house I could use
          to make these small quilts.

          A fidget quilt is a lap-sized quilt with a
          variety of items sewn on it to provide
          touch comfort to memory-challenged   Here is where you come in. It is easy to make
          patients. I got to work and sent twenty-five   the quilts and I am able to assemble them   Please contact the church office or email
          quilts to the friend in North Carolina who   pretty quickly. But I can always use items to   me ( if you
          introduced them to me. The next group   stitch to these quilts. Some types of things   have any questions. Feel free to drop off
          of quilts I made I began to take to various   are pictured on this page. I can always   bags of items you think I can use in the
          memory care units around Northern   use shirt cuffs and plackets for the button   church office.
          Kentucky as well as to St Elizabeth Hospice.   and buttonholes. Let your imagination go
          With  the  help  of  friends,  and  people  I   crazy, I have rarely gotten items I couldn’t

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